2016-dec Tisurf 1.3

Kategori: Materialapplikationer
Projekt: TiSurf 1.3 - Strukturering av tester, material och processdata
Kontakt: Peter Östlund
Epost: peter@newsotech.se
Parter/Aktörer: SentinaBay AB
Ansvarig på TS: Larz Ignberg
E-post: larz.ignberg@triplesteelix.se

TiSurf is a ceramic/metal hybrid material. A ceramic surface of titanium nitride provides titanium details with a 10 times harder, more wear-resistant surface layer with extremely low friction and exceptional corrosion resistance. TiSurf has been succesfully applied in several prestigious and demanding applications  in the aerospace, offshore and racing industries. To date, tiSurf has been involved in seven different NASA/ESA missions including Rosetta and Cassini, piston rods for Statoil's oil platform un the North Sea, racing projects in F1, Nascar and MX and medical applications such as heart valves and catheters and hemodialysis.