About Triplesteelix

The Triple Steelix Industrial Region

The Triple Steelix Industrial Region consists of about 700 SME’s, 6 steel producing companies, manufacturers of mechanical equipment for metal forming and industrial IT, 13 municipalities, Region Dalarna, Region Gävleborg, Dalarna and Gävle University, regional actors as IUC Dalarna, Falun/Borlänge regionen and Stiftelsen Teknikdalen (foundation for regional development) and the regional authorities. The initiative for development of this cluster into an innovation system was taken by Jernkontoret, the Swedish Steel Producers’ Association.

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The Triple Steelix Industrial Region, is globally leading within a number of specialized niche products, and is exporting 80 % of the total production. This has been achieved due to the development of advanced steel products in close cooperation with customers all over the world. In the industrial region exists also a large number of SME’s, working with steel, machining and services. Through cooperation in a broad perspective can the R&D-process be renewed and the ability of innovation becomes vitalized. The development of new advanced technical solutions may increase the value of steel, further ennoble the products and create new enterprises.

Triple Steelix Industrial Region vision is: The innovation region in Europe for advanced steel industry. A global center of excellence for advanced steel products, processing and forming.

Triple Steelix has three bases:

  • Increased exchange of information between university, SME’s and large companies utilizing the strong existing base of knowledge around steel in Triple Steelix Industrial Region
  • Strengthen the ability of innovation through the development of new networks and meeting points.
  • Stimulate entrepreneurship through the creation and showing of success stories.

New knowledge and competence will be created through the connections and interaction between smaller and larger enterprises, university, research institute and the community. New SME’s can hereby be created and existing ones can expand. Manufacturers of equipment for steel and mechanical industry will also be given a stronger international position through the improved knowledge. New knowledge-based enterprises may be established within IT, marketing and management systems for quality and environmental control.